We Review Tesla’s Model X SUV – Flashy Looks, But Severely Flawed

We recently got our hands on the Model X, Tesla’s attempt at building an all electric SUV. Check out our review below to find out our verdict on this sporty electric vehicle.

This SUV is powered by plugging in a charger to your home’s electricity. The SUV tries to appeal to families and older adults who need more room.


The first thing people notice about the Model X are its doors. The doors fold up to reveal the back seats. It provides a big wow factor to onlookers. Unfortunately, there are many things about the vehicle that make us say wow for a different reason.

In our tests, we recorded 4 times when the doors randomly stopped or paused. This made us wonder about safety issues. The rear seats were not as comfortable as other luxury SUVs we have tested.


Most of the vehicle is powered by a huge tablet sitting in the front seat. The tablet works very slick. It is responsive and provides critical information about the vehicle in a pleasant manner.

The front seats feel like a first class dream. We really liked the huge windshield. Our vehicle went 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds. The battery takes about 9 hours to charge and will go 230 miles on a single charge.

“Zero Emissions”

As older adults, we should do our part to take care of the environment. The opportunity to reduce emissions sounds nice. Remember that electric vehicles still need energy. Swapping gas for made with coal electricity isn’t environmentally friendly.


We expect more from a car competing with other high priced competitors. A luxury SUV should not have as much wind noise. It also should have better door controls and reliability.You might impress your friends at the golf club with this one, but the Tesla Model X is way too much style and not enough functionality.


  • Well designed interior
  • Quick acceleration
  • Good handling


  • High price
  • Clunky doors
  • Wind noise
  • Reliability

Price as tested: $120,800

Finance Adviser Road Test Score: 55/100


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