The Best Used Vehicles in Every Category

Used vehicles are a great value for those on a budget. Our experts bring you the top vehicles in every category.

These models all have key safety features, including electronic stability control, so that you can find a car that will last a long time without spending a lot.

Cars: Subcompact ($1500-$10000)
  1. Honda Fit – This sporty car has amazing storage. Seats fold down with ease. Look for these model years: 07-13.
  2. Toyota Prius C- Toyota’s ultra reliable hybrid earns top marks from our team. Look for years 12-14.
Cars: Compact ($2000-$12000)
  1. Toyota Corolla – Great gas mileage combined with quick acceleration. Check out model years 07-11, 12-14, 15-16
  2. Nissan Leaf – Nissan’s all electric vehicle gives you 30 miles of range without using any gas. Look for years 11-15.
Cars: Midsized and Large ($3000-$15000)
  1. Toyota Camry – The ever reliable Camry boasts sporty handling with a refined interior. All model years earned top remarks by our experts.
  2. Toyota Avalon – The Avalon offers more room and a luxurious finish compared to the Camry. The Avalon is perfect for long road trips and short trips to the grocery store. Look for years 07-14.
Cars: Luxury ($8000-$25000)
  1. Infiniti M -The Infiniti M offers All Wheel Drive and a sport V6 engine. Road noise is well below average with very solid reliability. Best years 07, 08, 11-13. 
  2. Lexus IS – The Lexus IS has bold styling combined with world-class reliability. A pre-collision system is standard which stops the car automatically for you. Best years 08-12.
Sports Cars ($13000-$25000
  1. Mazda MX-5 Miata – Mazda’s sporty coupe drives like a dream. The two seater is an affordable convertible with some of the best handling out there. Best years 07-13, 16
  2. Chevrolet Corvette – The famous Corvette has a monster V8 engine. 0-60 time is a lightning fast 4.5 seconds. Reliability is best on these years 07-08. 
Wagons and Minivans ($8000-$20000)
  1.  Subaru Outback – This wagon has all wheel drive, and comes with Subaru’s legendary reliability. Plenty of room for groceries and anything else you need to fit in the spacious trunk. Best years 10-14. 
  2. Honda Odyssey – Honda’s minivan is perfect for hauling all your children and grandchildren. A vacuum is available for quick cleanups. This minivan holds up to 9 people comfortably. Best years 09-10.
SUVs Small ($7000-$17000)
  1. Honda CRV – The CR-V is a compact SUV with serious storage space. The engine is very fuel-efficient. Best years 07-16. 
  2. Subaru Crosstrek – A newer vehicle based off the Subaru Impreza’s body. We like the ample headroom and easy to use controls. Best years 13-16.
SUVs Large ($8000-$20000)
  1. Lexus RX – Lexus raised the bar with this SUV. A very quiet ride with exceptional reliability. Top years 07-13.
  2. Toyota 4Runner – The perfect car if you still enjoy going off the beaten path. The 4-runner has storage for all your gear. Top years 07-13. 
Pickup Trucks ($12000-$25000)
  1. Honda Ridgeline – This pickup has a towing capacity up to 6000 lbs. This truck has a high commanding ride. Best years 07-10. 
  2. Toyota Tundra – The Tundra has a V8 engine with surprisingly good fuel usage. Reliability on Toyota’s truck is rock solid on these years 07-12.


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