“Unbelievable! I Can Finally Hear The Laughter Of My Grandkids AND Have Enough Money Leftover For Their Birthday Gifts…”

Doctor Reid

“My Bad Hearing Almost Cost Me Everything I Hold Dear…”

If you’re looking for an FDA approved hearing device that really works and won’t cost you an arm and a leg, then read this now!

Let me tell you a true story about the most frightening experience that has ever happened to me (and what I did to make sure it never happens again).

Doctor of Medicine

First, it starts with my good friend, Philip.

What you need to know about Philip is this…

1.) Philip loves finding devices that really work, and that make life more convenient and enjoyable (especially as we get older).


2.) Philip loves finding smoking deals.

“If I’m getting older, then I want the ‘early bird’ special for everything,” he tells me all the time.

Well, one day Philip comes over to my place and he’s more chipper than normal.I ask him what’s got him all excited.

Without hesitation, Philip turns his head and points to his ear.

“What am I looking at?” I asked.

He tells me to look closer. So I did.

“You see it?” he said with a big smile on his face.

As I lean in, I noticed Philip is wearing a well-hidden new hearing device that doesn’t look like a “normal” hearing aid.

“Well, would you look at that,” I said.

“You want to try it out?” he asked.

(Philip also doesn’t think it’s weird or gross for someone else to try out his hearing device.)

“No,” I said. “I don’t need it.”

Philip nodded his head and said “OK” in a way that felt overly polite.

Then Philip prattles on about how he found a doctor-backed company that is sick of big corporations jacking up the price on “hearing devices” that can cost upwards of $5,000 a pair…

Philip and I may have a decent “nest” with social security, but $5,000 is still a good amount of money that would require us to dip into our retirement funds.

So, you have to ask yourself, “Is good hearing really worth $5,000?”

Well, Philip tells me how he found these hearing devices even cheaper than what was on Amazon! (How is that even possible?)

The most frightening moment of my life

See, I’m the kind of guy that likes to act “tough.”

I’m the man of the house and I never wanted to be seen as “weak,” or that I have a hearing problem.

I grew up with the “tough it out” mentality.

And that’s what got me into some trouble…

Sure, my hearing isn’t what it used to be, but I never thought it was that bad.

I worked in construction for 30 years and dealt with loud noises all the time. Sometimes I put in earplugs… many times I didn’t.

Anyway, once Philip finished up his rant about his new hearing device, he comes inside.

We sat down with a cup of coffee and start talking in the living room.

That’s when I discovered…

The dangerous price of bad hearing

Mine and Philip’s conversation gets cut short when Philip quickly puts down his coffee cup.

I still remember the look of concern on his face. It made me feel sick inside.

“Did you hear that?” he asked.

“Hear what?” I said.

Philip gets up and runs over to our stairs and begins calling out for my wife, Sandra.

He runs up the stairs.

I put down my coffee and follow Philip, asking him what’s wrong…

When we get to the top of the first set of stairs, I see my wife lying on the stair landing, curled up in pain.

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” she says and Philip helps her up. “I just overstepped.”

I held my wife and asked her if she needs to go to the hospital.

“No, I should be fine,” she said. “It’s not too bad. Just scared me is all.”

“It sounded like someone fell,” Philip said. “…I heard you cry out.”

“Well, I’m glad someone heard me,” Sandra laughed and playfully hit my chest.

It may have been funny to Philip and my wife, but I felt awful.

I thought to myself, “If Philip wasn’t here, how would I have known my wife fell down the stairs?”

Then the big question came into my head that gave me heartburn…

What If My Wife’s Accident Was Worse And I Didn’t Hear It?

After we all settled down, Philip eventually had to leave.

But before he walked out to his car, I stopped him at my front door and quietly asked him about his hearing device…

“So they really work?” I asked.

Philip smiled, looked up at my giant oak tree, the sun hitting his face, and then said something that really pierced my heart…

“I’m hearing sounds I didn’t realize I’ve been missing…”

He then pulled out his phone and texted me the link to heartechlabs.com and told me to get a pair before word gets out.

Before I ordered a pair, I first double-checked on Amazon to see their price…

…and you wouldn’t believe it if I told you.

Amazon’s price was DOUBLE the price of Heartech Labs.

I made my decision right then and there.

I ordered my first pair of Heartech Device without hesitation.

I didn’t want to experience what just happened that day…

I wanted to maintain the “man of the house” and be there for my loved ones.

The best part?

I didn’t need a prescription from my doctor AND I didn’t have to dip into my retirement.

This heartech device is so inexpensive, it was an absolute no-brainer.

The day that I got them and put them in my ears, I wanted to cry…

It was as if the world became brighter and more vibrant.

I felt as if I turned back the clock on my age.

It didn’t make me feel “weak” either.

Matter of fact, it made me feel like a better man.

I didn’t realize the world’s volume was being slowly turned down year after year…

But once I put in this Heartech Device, my volume shot back up to a comfortable level.

Oh, and it’s true what Philip told me…

I heard sounds that I didn’t realize were happening all around me.

I heard the leaky faucet in the kitchen (which let me know it needed fixing without Sandra asking me).

I heard the sounds of cars outside my home driving by with people going to work…

…or parents driving their kids off to school.

I heard my wife’s funny commentary she likes to say quietly to herself that makes me laugh out loud and re-ignites the spark that made me fall in love with her over 35 years ago.

And my grandchildren…

I may be a “tough” guy but my softest spot is for my grandchildren.

Ever since I got my Heartech Device, I get to hear how often they say, “grandpa grandpa!” and it warms my heart.

In short, Heartech has made me feel more attentive to the people I love.

It didn’t cost me an arm and a leg!

It was easy for me to deny I had a problem, especially when the cost of normal hearing aids can cost upwards of $5,000…

I thought to myself, “Well, as long as I have my sense of taste, sight, smell, and touch… then why should I fork over that amount to hear better?”

It never dawned on me that my lack of hearing was affecting other parts of my life…

I didn’t know my balance was also getting worse because of my bad hearing.

I didn’t realize people didn’t take me as serious or didn’t want to talk to me because it became more of an “effort” and they had to repeat themselves over and over…

People smile at me more.

I feel like my “quick wit” is back because I can respond to people faster and without saying, “huh?” a hundred times.

Discreet, Slim, And Durable

I still felt uncomfortable of someone finding out I have a “hearing aid,” like they would treat me differently.

But that wasn’t the case with Hear Tech.

The design makes it fit snuggly behind your ear and has a camouflaged color that blends in with your skin.

Remember how I didn’t notice Philip’s hearing device until I got closer?

You have to be right up to my ear to really notice it.

What I like the most is that I don’t have to fidget with those dumb small batteries.

Hear Tech is fully rechargeable, so I just plug them in on my nightstand before I fall asleep and they’re ready to go the next day.

I was shocked that Hear Tech also gave a 45-day money back guarantee.

They told me I could try them out for a full 45 days and if I’m not satisfied, then I could return them and receive my full investment with no hard feelings.

Where Can I Get A Pair?

Now, like Philip said, the word is getting out about this innovative hearing device that is cheaper than what’s on Amazon…

So, if you plan to order, then you need to order as soon as possible before it’s too late.

If you’re serious about getting back the hearing you’ve been missing, so you can enjoy the most precious moments in life…

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